Recruitment Management System

Build a sustainable talent pool and find the right fit for vacant job positions with SoftSUITE Recruitment. Streamline end-to-end recruitment process and plan each stage of hiring.

Recruitment Funnel

Manage your candidate pipeline

Automate the recruitment process at every stage, engage candidates meaningfully, & go from “Hi” to "Hired" with ease on our hiring system.


Create and manage job openings seamlessly with the job requisition feature on the application to monitor and stay up to date on job vacancies. Easily share job postings across multiple job boards with a system generated URL

Applicant Tracking

Track and filter applications with SoftSUITE's Automated Tracking System to organize applicant information and select the cream of the crop based on defined criteria

Applicant Scoring

Collaborate with recruitment actors at each stage of the hiring process to evaluate and gather input from stakeholders about candidates


Customize and send offer letters to selected candidates


Seamlessly transition from hiring to onboarding selected applicants on the application so you can have less paperwork