Simplify and accelerate payroll. Exclusively designed for the Nigerian market, our payroll solution offers accurate payroll computation and seamless integration with Oracle to solve payroll legislation.

Error free payroll run

Say goodbye to using spreadsheets for payroll computation and spending long hours on payroll reconciliations. Capture all types of payroll calculations with ease: salary, benefits, prorated payments, and deductions.

Payroll reversal

With payroll, there are countless chances to make small errors or omissions. SoftSUITE offers a way out. Easily reverse payroll to correct errors.

Payroll log

View a trail of payroll activities to monitor access to payroll. Monitor progress of payroll run and download report for successful and failed employees payroll.

Payroll reports

Get access to comprehensive payroll reports such as Master Payroll Report, Reconciliation Reports, Tax Report, Pension Report etc.


Initiate payroll approval with the click of a button..