People Management

Manage your employees successfully by centralizing all your HR information. At a glance, view all relevant information for each department. Restrict access to critical information and make other information available to all employees on Employee Self Service. Suspend and Exit an employee with the click of a button. Keep track and manage employees leave requests, applications, performance metrics and much more.

Keep a centralised, secured data base.

Employee record keeping has never been more easier with SoftSUITE. You have full control over all of your sensitive data in one location, available from anywhere, from conventional categories like personal and financial information to as much bespoke data as you like. SoftSUITE permanently replaces fragmented spreadsheets and paper files in your HR database, placing structured, centralised data at your fingertips anytime you need it.

Say farewell to guesswork and welcome to data-driven judgments.

By measuring important workforce indicators, regular HR reporting allows both HR and management to maintain their fingers on the pulse of the firm. SoftSUITE generates any instant HR report you want so you can analyze your HR data and make smart, proactive decisions that affect your employees and your firm's bottom line.

Operation construct to suite you

Explore more with SoftSUITE versatile fields, which allow you to capture any desired information peculiar to your organization

A clear view of how the team fits.

Improve your business's transparency and communication by demonstrating clear lines of power and the status of each person within the company.

Approval path for every workflow

Every workplace has an approval path and also one person with a stack of approval forms piled on their desk, delaying countless decisions. With SoftSUITE, getting documents signed fast, organized, environmentally conscious, and painless for everyone involved has been made achievable with easy tracking and automatic authorization flow setup.