Perfomance Management

Boost your employees output with the right appraisal. Manage different forms of assessments, including bottom-up, top-down, self evaluations, and final management evaluations. Allow employees make their own assessments before cascading down to managers and supervisors.

Appraisal Cycle

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing and scheduling appraisal cycles based on your organization's process. Set up as many review cycles as possible each calendar year to encourage focus and increase productivity.


Define competencies, goals, and objectives at individual, department or company-wide levels to encourage employees to perform to their full potential.


Providing feedback improves employee performance SoftSUITE helps employees to give a holistic view of their performance through self-assessment. It allows managers recognize and evaluate employee strenghts as well as their contributions to gauge accurate reflections of employee performance, and highlight areas for improvement.


Get accurate performance reports to view overall progress. Give executives and managers the ability to monitor and compare performance appraisals over time across the organization, departments, managers, and individuals.