Time and Attendance

This module Integrates seamlessly with third-party applications with flexible authentication types: Card reader, Biometrics, and Voice Recognition. It improves efficiency and accuracy by integrating with Payroll Module to reduce the need for double entry and export data to your payroll system.


Say goodbye to the use of paperwork to capture employee's attendance. Accurately keep track of employee's time, and eliminate time fraud as clocking in and out is mapped to the geographical location of your organization. With SoftSUITE Mobile, employees can seamlessly clock in and out of the application.

Workshift Management

Seamlessly manage your workforce attendance to accommodate flunctuating business needs. Enjoy flexible employee workshift scheduling to optimize resources.


Monitoring of time and attendance has become significantly simpler. Access a modern day reporting system to get accurate time reports and accurate working hours of employees to easily track employee absenteeism.