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Streamline your HR activities with our end-to-end HR Solution that automates employee hire to exit.

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Build a sustainable talent pool and find the right fit for vacant job positions with SoftSUITE Recruitment. Strameline end-to-end recruitment process and plan each stage of hiring.


People Management

Manage your employees successfully by centralizing all your HR information. At a glance, view all relevant information for each department. Restrict access to critical information and make other information available to all employees on Employee Self Service.


Performance Management

Boost your employees output with the right appraisal. Manage different forms of assessments, including bottom-up, top-down, self evaluations, and final management evaluations.



Simplify and accelerate payroll. Exclusively designed for the Nigerian market, our payroll solution offers accurate payroll computation and seamless integration with Oracle to solve payroll legislation.


Self Service

SoftSUITE self-service module is designed to function as an easy-to-access resource for employees.


Time and Attendance

Accurately capture employees’ work shifts with our time-tracking system which helps you save time and effort.



Prior to our enrolment on SoftSUITE, our Human Resources and payroll activities were done manually. And it takes a whole lot of time to get things done. Substantial reduction in manual work and the time expended in doing manual work has been channeled to other activities. Easy connectivity and easy-to-use user interface. SoftSUITE offers a seamless and robust solution that covers employees’ files and documentation for recruitment to exit. It also covers the daily activities like clocking in and out of an employee, salary disbursement, and other activities involving employee management.

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Our Solution

SoftSuite is a fully stacked business management solution for every organization. It can be used in various sectors including private (banking, oil & gas, telecommunications, etc) and public (government, hospitals, military, etc) sectors. Whatever the sector the business operates in, it allows the adoption of efficient approaches to developing, attracting, retaining and using the critical skills and knowledge needed to improve the capability of the business.

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