What is SoftSUITE?

SoftSUITE is a human capital management solution that automates human resource processes from the hiring of an employee to the retirement or exit of the employee. It is a web-based application that stores and organizes all information gathered throughout the employee life cycle.

How many employees can SoftSUITE accommodate?

As many employees as you have. SoftSUITE currently manages the organizaton with the largest employee count in West Africa.

What modules does SoftSUITE contain?

Recruitment, People management, Payroll, Performance Management, Employee Self Service, Time and Attendance

Do I need any additional hardware or software to support the use of SoftSUITE?

No. You only need a device and an internet connection to access SoftSUITE. It is a full suite of applications that does not require any support from other softwares. However, SoftSUITE can intergrate with your existing applications provided there are consumable APIs.

Can I use SoftSUITE on my phone?

Yes. SoftSUITE is mobile responsive.

How secure is SoftSUITE?

SoftSUITE is PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and NDPR (Nigeria Data Protection Regulation) compliant.SoftSUITE Application is fully developed in compliance with the National Information Development Agency (NITDA) regulatory requirement for the protection of personally identifiable information as enacted in the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR). You also have access to inbuilt tools that allow you control and assign permission rights appropriately on the software. We also comply with necessary regulations when managing your data.

Can SoftSUITE be integrated with other applications?

SoftSUITE can intergrate seamlessly with third party applications provided there are consumable APIs, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Can SoftSUITE handle payroll?

Yes. Data can flow automatically using SoftSUITE's payroll solution, lowering the possibility of payroll errors and facilitating quick and simple payroll processes.Our solution offers comprehensive payroll reports, approval workflows, and accurate computation of statutory deductions such as pension and tax. Learn more about this feature here(link to payroll page)

How much is SoftSUITE?

Yes. Customer support services are provided after the implementation of SoftSUITE for a duration of one year which is renewable at a fee.

Can employee's attendance be monitored with SoftSUITE?

Yes, SoftSUITE's Time and Attendance feature is available for organization's to accurately track employee's attendance. Employees can clock in and out with their mobile phones using the Time and attendance application (SoftSUITE Mobile). Accurate attendance reports are always easily available. Learn more about this feature here(link to Time and Attendance page).

Can SoftSUITE be used for performance evaluation?

Absolutely. Using self evaluation and balance scorecard, SoftSUITE's Performance Management gets to the core of efficient and effective performance management. Learn more about this feature here(link to Performance Management page).

How long does it take to implement SoftSUITE?

It takes a minimum of four weeks to fully implement SoftSUITE depending on the size of the organization.

What is the implementation process like?

We use OUM Implementation methodology. This covers work methodology based on Oracle standards and it enables us to meet the whole lifecycle of a project. OUM will provide a scope of implementation that is fast, scalable and business-focused. OUM contains a comprehensive framework of project management.

Is SoftSUITE customizable?

Yes. Customizing SoftSUITE is easy. Tailored workflows, reports, approval levels, email alerts, and company branding are available. However, you can talk with us if you find that you have unique customization needs.

Are there hidden billing charges I should know about?

No. Be rest assured, there are no hidden charges whatsoever.